Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Football Season

I wish I could take credit for these pictures with my new camera, but truth be told, Hunter's best friend's father grabbed them for us. Hunter and his best friend Collin, (Hunter #66, Collin #65) had a chance to play on jr. varsity last Saturday against Yorkville. They lost but Hunter got some great plays in. Last week's game against Oswego was soooooooo stressful. We were down 20- 13, then we scored with 20 seconds left to make it 20-19. Then our coaches went for the 2 point conversion instead of the field goal and we LOST!!! This game was a biggie because it was the two Oswego School's against each other- biggest crowd I've seen at a game so far this year. Hunter's enjoying it and though he doesn't always get a chance to play the whole game, he gives it all when he does play and he's working very hard at practice. Grades are good. He's a nice guy. Off to a good start this year! GO WOLVES!!

p.s. Aunt Nelda and Uncle Chuck, games are on Friday nights~ we'd love for you to join us one evening! Mom, Dad, Aunt B, Julie, Kev & family~ thank you for coming to his games and cheering him on! It means a lot to all of us to have you there! =)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to school

Lauren in 5th grade already!

#66 defensive end

look at the crowd that turned out to support Hunter! Thank you so much! I know it means a lot to him!

Gavin has a career in pluming in his future =) too funny!

Closing ceremony

Every year we celebrate the end of summer with a "closing ceremony". This year the kids wanted to camp at the Warren Dunes in Michigan so we packed up our stuff and some friends and headed north.
It was cloudy and sprinkly when we first got there. Just a little peek of sunshine got through.
My new favorite picture of Matt

Hanna, Lauren, Matt, Hunter, Brendan and Gav at the top of the dune. Just behind Brendan is Lake Michigan.

This is where the dune extends into the woods. We start off on a hike in the woods and end up on top of the world
the boys enjoyed a campfire with hot dogs and smores

Gav's telling you, "I did it. I climbed that big sand mountain!"

Lauren & one of her best friends Hanna

It was the pefect ending to a quick summer!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Our trip to the ranch

To end the year, Lauren's gs troop had a last hoo-ra at White Pines Dude Ranch. I being an unofficial co-leader came along to spend some quality time with my daugher and assure this will be a trip embedded forever in our hearts and memories. We had such a beautiful weekend together.

We took time to explore the canyons

We played on good old fashioned tire swings

Lauren picked "Roman"

The first friend Lauren made was this beauty

The ranch had over 70 horses on 200+ acres of wooded land. When they were out to pasture you'd never know they were out there. We were able to get up early and see the rancher herd them in. Every hour, on the hour, the ranch would ring a bell and the girls got to pick from a group of 3 things what they wanted to do. Lauren spent most of her time exploring the barns and just "free" playing. We certainly didn't need to be entertained every hour. I didn't go all that way and pay all that money to sit and play bingo~ :0) Lauren spent most of her time, and if I didn't know where she went, I always knew I could find her in the "Critter Corral" with the billygoats, pigs, sheep and kittens. Lauren really is such a "simpleton". She loves to just, play- look under rocks, make soup out of leaves and grass, make mud pies. She even told me after this weekend, she really thinks it is possible to live without video games! We had so much fun and we will surely never forget our time spent together!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We're back and apologize for not posting in so long! I've fallen victim to Facebook~ it's a "mini blog", similiar to this without the long story- just a quick blurb about what's new. It is addicting- especially once you start finding old friends~ and a great way to keep in touch when you don't have an hour to be on the phone. The kids just gathered all their eggs and rummaged through their baskets and are having a good Easter morning- Gavin's a little sick so we're staying in. I feel guilty about not going to church but also feel that as long as we remember the true meaning of Easter, then God doesn't mind if we stay home. We can still talk to him from here =)
Gavin had so much fun coloring eggs and Lauren couldn't wait to wake up and find them. Hunter's definately 14 as he slept in and came rollin' on down just in time for breakfast and then I had to say "Don't you wanna know what's in your basket?" We'll go to Julie's later and then I have to work. The babies don't know it's a holiday =)
Everything's been going pretty well. Just waiting for spring to officially arrive though we're the only ones in the neighborhood who still have snow after the giant snow bunny we built last Monday. We were outside all day playing in the snow hoping that would be the last time for the season.
In just 2 months I'll have a sophmore, a 5th grader and Gav will be 3 1/2 already! I can't believe it. No big plans for the summer- just little day trips here n' there.
I better get back to spending Easter morning with the kids. Just wanted to wish you all a very blessed Easter and may God bless you, my friends and family.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to Gavin

Our little buddy turns 3 today~ yippee! He's such a sweetheart and has so much to say! He's a little chatter box :0) We've been blessed again with a darling little boy who is sitting behind me, hugging me in my chair as I write this. Happy Birthday lovey!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Wildnerness

In between the kids taking turns being sick, we were able to grab a quick trip to the Wildnerness Resort at Wisconsin Dells. Everyone had a ton of fun and everyone was ready to leave right when we did. It was the perfect little trip- with one minor exception- as soon as we walked in the room, Gavin thought he'd test how sturdy the furniture is and stood up on the table. When I caught him, I surprisingly said "Gavin Michael!" which startled him and caused him to fall and hit his head on the table. Lucky for us the urgent care center was right across the street so while Todd unloaded the suitcases, Gavin had a full neuro exam at the friendly neighborhood ER! He checked out okay and vacation was a go!

We had a fully loaded kitchen so we brought food up with us. We snack on pizza rolls before heading to the first indoor water park. (and we bought our own paper goods- who wants to dishes on vacation?)

This is the tunnel the led us to the waterparks- heated :0)

Todd and Hunter spent a night at Cascade Mountain learning to snowboard. Todd also learned he's getting a little too old to snowboard! Hunter did great though!

While the guys hit the slopes we hit the wave pool. Gav couldn't wait to get going!

Another snack before bed- Lauren was in such a good mood!

One of the few pictures I was able to get with all 3 of them

Our room had a fireplace, fully loaded kitchen, guest bath, master bath, master bedroom, a guestroom with a bunk where Lauren and Gavin slept, and a murphy bed that folded out for Hunter. There's the dreaded table that Gavin learned is plenty sturdy!